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Religious & Church History

Religious organizations were also important in the county's history. Partly due to the lack of available churches, camp meetings were popular in the early days.  They were usually held in the summer and attracted people from miles around.  Local residents began building an enormous shed, called a 'brush arbor' and preparing the campground months before the meeting was to take place.  These meetings declined in number in the early 1900's as a result of improved transportation which made camping unnecessary.

A Methodist Episcopal Church was established in Coldspring on 27 June 1847.  The original frame building stood a quarter of a mile from Coldspring until it was relocated when the town moved in 1916.  A Sunday school annex was added in 1938.  Both Shepherd and Evergreen had a Methodist church serviced by the Coldspring minister.

A Baptist church was established in Coldspring on 11 August 1855 and in Shepherd in 1939.  The two congregations shared a pastor until the middle of the twentieth century. 

A Presbyterian congregation was established at Waverly in May 1860 and erected its own building in 1904.

A Church of Christ was organized in Evergreen in 1888.

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