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Our inaugural event was a great success despite the efforts Mother Nature tried to bestow on us with rain and gray skies. 
The San Jacinto County Heritage Society believes our traditions and remembering the way of life in our past is important.  It must be preserved and passed on.  We also believe that without a conscious effort to preserve these memories, they can easily be lost in the fast pace and noise of today's culture. Coldspring, Texas has a colorful history and our purpose in hosting Heritage Days is to have fun while teaching.  Here are a sample of pictures taken during this year's event.


The "Main Street Revue" presented impressive 'barbershop' music at different areas in Old Town.

Checkers was played on the porch as a pastime in the old days.  These visiting students take a rest from the activities to enjoy a game.

Handmade rustic furniture and real lye soap making was offered here.

Authentic costuming added to the spirit of Heritage Days.  The costumes were inspiring and beautiful. 

No mid 1800's town is complete without the sheriff and Indians.

Sometimes classes were held outside on pretty days which was the case here.  The students pictured found out what going to school in the 1800's was like.

1200+ students from several school districts visited Old Town on "Kids' Day".  These are taking it
easy at the 'saloon'.

Lunchbreak time then off to more
things to see.

The 'saloon'...Costumed volunteers served soft drinks and sarsparilla!
This was also the site of the appreciation BBQ held for all participants and volunteers.

The Climbing Rock was a 
popular spot in Old Town.  
Adults and children alike tested 
their prowess and endurance in scaling this wall.

This young lady climbed like she was born to it.  We have named this picture "spiderbaby"

A "sutler" is the term used in the 1800's to describe one who 
deals in merchandise...a general store...a mercantile.  This booth 
held many fascinating items used 
back in 'the old days'.

The Indian encampment...visitors 
got to see, hear and touch the interesting presentations.

This demonstrator gave an informative presentation of spinning wheels and how woven wool was turned into useful household items.

For more information on this event, please call 936-653-2009 on 
Thursdays, Fridays or Saturdays 10:00 - 4:00 

HERITAGE DAYS 2002 is already in the planning stages.  Contact us for more info.

Proceeds benefit San Jacinto County Heritage Society
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